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InterestOnlyLoans.com was established in the fall of 2002, just before the mainstream introduction of Interest Only Loans.  While many mortgage companies were primarily focused on "selling loans" we understood there was a need to create a resource center for the large number of people searching for information on these home loan programs. We have spent countless hours researching industry guidelines, loan officers who specialize primarily with interest only loans and the risks and rewards of signing up for an interest only program. Our efforts so far have received tremendous praise from senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, Attorneys for some of the largest mortgage lenders in the nation, numerous individuals who earn well within the top 10% nationwide, first time home buyers, leading online real estate service giants, top performing real estate agents and more.  In fact, we recently hit a milestone that was never anticipated so quickly - 5,000,000 unique visitors!  That's right - 5,000,000 unique consumers like you have used our network of resources to find information pertaining to the interest-only mortgage industry.  This is no small feat for even the biggest of companies and we are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

During the next twelve months we will be introducing new content areas, developing an even larger database of mortgage professionals and offering services we feel are relevant to your search within the real estate arena.

Are we a lender or broker?

No - InterestOnlyLoans.com is the leading online destination for consumers searching for information on interest only and libor home loans.  We are a free service to the consumer and have spent countless days and nights researching interest only loan programs nationwide.

Why should I visit InterestOnlyLoans.com before contacting a mortgage lender?

Simple.  It can be very difficult to find experienced loan officers who not only understand the various interest only programs available but who have enough experience to actually help you rather than just "sell" you a program.  InterestOnlyLoans.com was designed so you - the consumer - can have a place to go to learn about these loans without being hassled by a salesperson.  We urge you to read through the site and then contact a mortgage professional so they can answer any questions you may still have.

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